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Why does the US have an embargo with Cuba ?
What has Cuba ever done to the USA ?
Is this about communism ?

It can't be because the United States never stopped trading with Russia when it was the evil Soviet Union. The United States didn't even stop trading with China when they crushed (literally) the student protest at Tiananmen square.

Is this because of some corporations that lost money, or mobsters that lost casinos ?

Will there be an embargo of the countries that lately have nationalized some foreign investments ? No!

China is changing because of the economic empowerment of it's citizens. Even the more mobster like Russian government is forced to change because it's citizens have tasted a little more freedom.

Let's stop punishing the people of Cuba and empower them to prosper by an exchange of trade, lets flood Havana with Americans who would enjoy it's unique beauty, culture and proximity to the US. I want to buy a Cohiba at my local tobacconist, not via the internet and the US mail.

After spending the most precious treasure a country has, the blood of it sons and daughters who were killed and injured in battle.

The American people were told that the Iraqi people have a right to a political system unlike that of the United States. Can it not be said that Cuban people also have a right to a system unlike the USA ? People that over time will benefit from a healthy and equal relationship with the United States.

Lets end this antiquated policy, we need a reset button for Cuba's relations with the USA. This embargo never worked, and is one of the most foolish and counterproductive policies that the United States has even implemented.

I am an American who was born in Cuba. I love the United States, I want the US Government to do the right thing, and move forward. It's long overdue. This embargo isn't an embargo of Cuba, it's an embargo of the USA.